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8 Steps To Become a Homeowner

Getting Yourself Prepared Its never too early or too late to start planning for ownership Net worth of homeowner is 44x greater than a renter Check or know your credit score Score determines quality of loan Set Goals for credit score Links to credit score sites below Credit clean-up Links to credit clean-up sites below Payoff Debt Make savings plan for a down payment You dont have to have a down payment How much should your down payment be? Debt vs. Down payment. Which do you take care of first? Plan 3 months to 1 year to pay debt, build credit, save funds (if possible) 1 Contacting a Lender 2 Lender checks FICO Score, and Income vs. Debt ratio •Loan Options • High vs Low risk Interest rates Down payment or Not Types of loans you qualify forChoosing your option • How to find an agent Interviewing agents (not their assistant) What to ask an agent How do you feel about the agent? -Interested -Rushed -Good/bad vibe -Did they listen -Ask your needs -Familiar w/ area Top 3 things to look for in an agent 1. They have your best interest at heart -They listen to what is important to you -They provide real insight and options -They really understand your needs 2. Integrity -They are looking for the right house for you, not them -They maintain a relationship built on trust and confidence 3. They are vested through the entire process -They are there for you from beginning to end -Vested in you beyond the contract -Continuous communication Finding an Agent 3 4 Deciding What You Want as a Home Negotiable vs. Nonnegotiable (e.g. 4 bd, 3 bath, pool) •This home is a stepping stone to your forever home Its a great Investment-Let your agent tell you whats possible for your needs & wants •Create your list of must-haves and negotiables • 5 Be prepared to view multiple houses View houses with open mind Envision improvements, such as paint, wall tiles, wood floors Agent should be knowledgeable with how to make house a home Count on Overboard to explain easy fixes to big projectsAgent shouldnt rush you to make a decisionChoose your home Process of Finding a Home 6 Agent will advise to negotiate or pay listing price depending on other • offers by other potential buyers. Agent will guide you on the smartest decision Seller accepts offer • Complete purchase agreement •Your agent takes initial deposit of down payment (If any. See #1) and • purchase agreement and opens escrow process (See #7) Make an Offer Escrow Process Escrow acts as neutral 3rd party handling the sales details The period where the paperwork required for the sale of the real property is processed Discovery / Contingency period -Appraisal -Repairs (if possible) -Seller disclosure -Physical inspection -Termite Inspection Buyer can make decision to purchase house depending on condition and credit for above items After youve done investigation, competed appraisal, value is confirmed, loan approved, remove contingency, and proceed to close escrow – THE HOUSE IS NOW YOUR HOME! Final steps: -Wire remaining balance of down payment (when escrow opened) -Sign loan paperwork -Escrow records payment 7 8 Make repairs • Renovate •Hire contractors • Move In To Your Home

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